Gaining An Understanding Of Who You Are In The World Can Help You Live Your Best Life Today.

Discover your strengths
Appreciate the differences in others
Recognize your priorities
Reach your potential

Sometimes it's hard to put words to our feelings and a totem can be a powerful way to share your story without needing to speak.  

Wearing a totem can give you the words in your heart, reminding you of your strengths, nature, and place in life.

How Can I Know My Totem Animal?

Across many cultures, an animal or symbol is celebrated for the month or year of your birth.  While many variations exist, a popular Native American ZODIAC chart can be found HERE.Wear your Birth Totem for protection. 

Your Animal Clan Totem is the animal that your spirit resembles. Wear your Clan Totem for spiritual connection and health.

Wear your Birth Totem and Clan Totem separately or create your totem tribe by stacking the beads.

Sometimes people feel a certain connection to an animal or find that a special animal shows up at meaningful times or in dreams.  

Perhaps you appreciate the unusual nature of an animal that others may puzzle over because you feel a unique understanding.  For others, it may not be as clear.  

If you are looking for your spirit animal, ask a friend for some guidance. Our closest allies offer an unbiased interpretation of our character which may be more accurate than our own views.    

Of course, looking within will be harder if we do not know what we are looking for.  If totems are a new concept, take our quiz to find your inner spirit animal. 

Techniques To Discover Your ClanTotem 

  • Pay attention to dreams - keep a journal by your bed to write a note if you have a hard time remembering dreams.  You may see some patterns or animal symbolism 

  • Spend time in nature - take a moment to disconnect with the demands of life and reconnect to your roots

  • Practice Mindfulness - Notice the small details you may have overlooked before, through observing both your surroundings and also yourself more closely.  Does an animal image keep appearing in odd places?  Do you notice habits or characteristics in yourself you did not notice before?

  • Take the "Discover Your Totem" quiz - the questions will test your understanding of yourselfand will reveal an animal that matches many of your traits.

What's Your Story?

Our story involves not just our experiences, but how we interpret these events.  We all have a plethora of experiences in this world- but we can learn to connect them meaningfully only by digging deeper.

This Latin word is rooted in the belief that each person has a vital role to play in this world, and we should appreciate or sympathize with those who are different rather than demand they change.  

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