Many legends and myths of evolution tell a story of how humans sprang from the depths of the seas- possibly originating from whales.  This makes whale a symbol of creation, and as Orca you are also a creatorCommunication and creativity can be seen in varying ways through writing, dancing, or music.  If you are Orca, your expressive nature can be seen and appreciated by all in your life.  

 Communal * Intimate * Harmonious * Deep * Intelligent

Orcas, who are more related to dolphins than other whales, are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. The social and emotional areas of the brain responsible for memory formation and behavior, known as the limbic lobe, are much larger than that of humans and are composed of 3 different parts compared to our one.  If your spirit animal is killer whale, you may find you are able to connect and relate on a deeper level.  Perhaps your mind and thought process is beyond comprehension or understanding by fellow totems, but do not let this trouble you.  

Orcas are highly observant and quick to learn and adapt.  Orcas are driven and can reach the stars when motivated, crushing goal after goal. Orca is lucky to live in peace and harmony, which one may think would evoke jealous thoughts in others, but his spirit is so compassionate that it is hard to have ill thoughts towards him.  Orcas are curious creatures, always testing the boundaries and creating a bit of mischief.  Be aware, though, that if your totem is Orca, you should keep your ego in check. Not everyone is as blessed as you, so while you crave adoration and affection, always remain humble.

Orcas can teach us to dive deeper to bring out our creative energies and push them to the surface.  This makes orca a symbol of resurrection as we can recreate a better version of ourselves.  Orca can teach us the importance of closeness and socialization.  If you are feeling thankful for someone close to you in your life, now is the time to reach out and tell that person how much they mean to you.  Look to the Orca when you need to reach out to someone or call on him when you need peace and harmony in your relationships.  His gentle nature and compassion can guide you.

Did you know that killer whales never rest?  Their brains sleep one hemisphere at a time while the other stays awake to breathe every so often.  If you have a hard time shutting off your mind, or if you find you can function well with few hours of sleep, perhaps you are Orca.  

Adaptable * Protective * Enduring * Compassionate * Unified  

The orca is distinct among its counterparts in that she doesn’t follow a strict yearly migration route.  Instead, orcas have a free roaming nature and follow food sources. Orcas are well traveled and can be found in all the oceans of the world.  As apex predators with a strictly carnivorous diet, they stand at the top of the food chain.  With no natural enemies, this gives Orca the carefree nature he has.  He doesn’t need to spend time hiding or watching over his shoulder.  He is left free to live in the present.  Many orca lovers are turned off by the name “killer whale” as it implies negative connotations as an aggressive animal humans should fear.  While they do not hurt humans in the wild, Orcas can use their creative hunting techniques, teamwork, and huge sets of teeth to subdue creatures over 70 feet in length!   

Familial * Traveling * Free 

There is a deep sense of unity and oneness within Orca’s community: they travel, hunt, protect, and even grieve together.  Orcas communicate through sound, echolocation, facial expressions, and touch.  Orcas crave contact and social engagement on a regular basis and they are known for their pod’s tribal connection which typically lasts for life.  Orca is always focused on the pod’s health as a whole, lifting the least to benefit the pod as a unit.  Anywhere from half a dozen to over two dozen male and female orcas make up a pod which is typically led by a female. Often pods unite to form groups of over 200.  Orcas can symbolize love and romance as they mate for life and are nurturing and loving parents.  

Wear Orca Totem

  • Wear orca to keep your tribe close to your heart.  He reminds us that we all need social connection.

  • Look to Orca when you need to communicate an important message.  His social and loving spirit can help you find the words to your heart.

  • Orca's driven personality and intelligence to help you push the boundaries and formulate new goals.  Wear orca when you need to dive deeper into your goals and bring more creative energies to the surface.