Coyote is easily misunderstood, and one must take a deeper look to truly know him.  If you had written off coyote as a manipulator, perhaps you need to look deeper at the lessons the coyote conveys. One can be both lighthearted and wise simultaneously and Coyote can be the best teacher for this lesson.  Coyote may be telling you to change your perspective and lighten up.  Open yourself up to new possibilities that you have not considered before, and you may be surprised by what you discover.

Cunning * Spirited * Devious * Fun * Wise

While coyotes may have a reputation as pests in urbanized areas, they can help curb the population of rodents. They bring home live mice to their den of pups to teach them how to hunt from an early age. Coyotes remain monogamous for life and the pair shares parenting responsibilities equally. In fact, the male will completely take over care of the pups if the mother disappears or becomes injured.  They have great parenting skills, always bringing love and nourishment to their pups and giving them a secure safe space to call home

All can admire Coyote's ability to laugh at himself.  He’s not afraid of failure or making mistakes, which makes him excellent at learning and improving.  Coyote doesn’t bite off more than he can chew.  He prefers to live simply, enjoying the present moment and embracing the life he is blessed with.  If you have a coyote totem, your highly adaptable nature keeps you moving forward where others stumble.  

Coyote’s scientific name “Canis” literally translates to “barking dog” so it should come as no surprise that he is an excellent communicator. Coyotes are very vocal, communicating through a variety of yips, whimpers, whines, howls, barks, and growls.  They also convey messages by marking territory.      

Coyotes are often present, but not always visible.  They are excellent at avoiding confrontation and conflict and their keen ears can detect danger over a mile away.  They are great at hiding and have a unique ability to prance silently on the tips of their toes to make an undetected getaway.  He moves like a dancer with grace and ease reaching speeds of 40 MPH and leaping over 13 feet. Even in the water he is agile as Coyote makes an excellent swimmer which can help him avoid a predator who may not take to the water.

Although when given the choice coyotes enjoy a rich carnivorous diet, they are not very picky about their dietary sources.  They are scroungers, content munching on discarded food or waste bins if it means they don’t have to work very hard.  However, they know how to work when the time calls, travelling over 100 miles in quest for a meal when overpopulation and food scarcity is an issue. 

Adaptable * Playful * Laughing * Wily 

Look to the coyote totem when you need to destress. He can guide you to prance silently away from troubles and find peace and fun. His carefree spirit is what we need when facing fear in life. Smile, and always remember not to take life too seriously.

Coyotes' senses are more intense than other spirits.  They have excellent ears, noses, as well as razor sharp eyesight. This makes them difficult to hunt. Their biggest predators are humans as they have adapted to urbanized or farming areas.

Trickster * Animated * Carefree* Resourceful 

Coyote is wily, sly, and sharp.  He is famous in traditional Native American folk tales as the trickster, but also as a man’s first companion.  In his tales of trickery, a lesson always unfolds, often one that teaches us that laughter is the best medicine.  Coyote is mindful to never let his tricks get out of hand.  He is capable of attaining great rewards through his deception, but he is careful to never cross boundaries, although he may tiptoe close to them.  He values trust in a mate so he remains true and plays it safe. 

Wear Coyote Totem

  • Coyote symbolizes magic, deception, laughter, wisdom, and companionship.  

  • Wear Coyote as a reminder to be lighthearted.  Let loose and enjoy the moment.

  • Coyote keeps you focused on your tribe.  Are you surrounded by those who value you?  What would you sacrifice for your loved ones?  

  • Coyote can teach you not to get caught up in wanting more than you need.  Remain vigilant and keep an eye out for deception.