With Beaver’s diligent nature and compassionate spirit, he succeeds when he finds a balance between work and family obligations.  Beaver can symbolize long-term protection and devotion to his colony. Grooming and horseplay can be seen among family units which can hold a dozen total beavers.  Beavers find a partner for life and often the pair has two litters living with them at a time: a new litter, and the litter from the previous year. When it’s time to say goodbye, a young beaver will float the river for months or even years to find a partner and establish his own territory, which can stretch for up to a mile.

Tireless * Ethical * Generous * Resourceful * Enthusiastic 

Beaver belongs to the rodent family, the largest in North America, and second largest in the world to Capybaras.  Beavers are herbivores, and enjoy munching on inner bark of trees, cattails, waterlilies, and other aquatic plant life. His sharp pointed teeth never stop growing, and he uses them to cut and carry large trees and branches.  When Beaver faces uncertainty, he will use his broad tail to alert others through a swift slap of the water as he dives in for cover.  Beavers dive for an average of 5 to 6 minutes but can hold their breath for 15 minutes!  While he can’t always outrun a predator, his tail and webbed feet make him a swift swimmer.  His tail also helps him balance when carrying large objects. 

Look to Beaver to avoid procrastination.  While Beaver can inspire you to accomplish your dreams, he also demonstrates the importance of building a strong foundation.  This task cannot be accomplished without planning, commitment, and teamwork.  Beaver works well independently and cooperatively and does so with a harmonious spirit.  Beaver’s artistic view also allows him to remain flexible.  Occasionally Beaver will have a vision or idea that seems impractical. His adaptive nature will not let him go down a rabbit hole; Beaver can quickly change gears and turn his efforts in a new direction.  Beaver’s building of dams can also symbolize blocking out negativity. If Beaver enters your life, pay attention to what he is doing: is he telling you to walk away from what doesn’t strengthen you?  Sink your teeth into a creative endeavor?  Or build up a wall during uncertain times?    

Throughout history, Beaver has been hunted for his fur, meat, and castoreum.  Beaver pelts were often made into clothing and hats.  Castoreum, while not used much today, has an aspirin-like effect and was used for a variety of medicinal purposes as well as added to perfumes and certain foods.  Beaver trapping in the early 19th century led to a sharp decline in the population of the species in the United States, which was once estimated at 60 million prior to the decline.  Fortunately, Beaver’s population is stable today and efforts are made to protect him.  

Secure * Artistic * Persistent * Collaborative * Industrious

Beaver is considered a keystone species, and his presence will play a critical role in his community, disproportionately affecting a variety of organisms.  In fact, aside from humans, no animal is thought to shape the environment more than Beaver.  Dragonflies, snails, salmon, trout, frogs, and turtles often have Beaver to thank for their homes. 

 Productive * Harmonious * Diligent  

Beaver is the national animal of Canada, chosen for his industrious nature.  The term “busy as a beaver” refers to his ability to work with enthusiasm without fatigue.  With Beaver’s strong drive and work ethic, very little will prevent him from accomplishing his goals.  Beaver takes pride in his home and space, giving him comfort and satisfaction.  He is an astounding builder with an artistic spirit, creating beauty out of the dead and old. He uses mud, rocks, branches, and other vegetation to form his lodging.  Beaver’s resourceful nature can inspire others to look at their surroundings and tools in a new light.  Beaver has a generous spirit: his infrastructures are not only for himself or his ego, but he gives a home for many others by building wetlands, ponds, dams, and slowing the flow of rivers depending on where he lives.  If you need motivation to start your project, look to Beaver’s creative spirit. 

Wear Beaver Totem 

  • Beaver symbolizes hard work, dedication, and an enthusiastic spirit 

  • Wear Beaver when you need to focus on a large task.  

  • Beaver will not let you go down a rabbit hole: are you working on a project that's going nowhere?  Beaver may be telling you to take a step back and start something new.  

  • Beaver can help refresh your view: all that you need is a little creativity to turn what you already have into a work of art  

  • Beaver's grounded nature can teach you to lay a strong foundation.  

  • Are problems trickling into your life?  Beaver can help you go upstream and build a dam to keep out negative energy at the source.