Some tribes feel the woodpecker is the protector of humankind, for their nesting abilities show a nurturing side.  Woodpeckers are protectors of their young: attentive and energetic as they provide for their families.  Woodpeckers are committed and loyal to close friends and family.  

Resourceful * Innovative * Grounded * Protective * Wise

Not all understand the creative endeavors of Woodpecker.  If this is your spirit animal, protect your heart from outside judgements and do not let others stop you from pursuing your dreams.  Criticisms and judgements may arise from others, so let them slide down your feathers and do not take them to heart.  Woodpeckers should also be wary of those who take advantage off their generosity and loving spirits.  Use your talents to peck away at the outer layers of those around you to reveal their true characters.  Keep your true friends close but find the balance between care and caution for new energies.   

Woodpecker can teach us to seek out opportunities: finding life in the dead and old, and building the life we desire by seizing the moment.  The woodpecker is grounded, trusting his instincts, and relying on his connection to nature.  Unfortunately, many woodpecker species are in danger of extinction primarily due to habitat loss.  The woodpecker’s rhythmic drumming can symbolize a beating heart: the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  Woodpecker totem reminds us to slow down and stay rooted in nature and keep a place for all of earth’s creatures. 

The woodpecker holds the strength of a hammer in his beak, and he will show you true grit and strength.  The woodpecker is devoted to his goals and will peck away at them indefinitely: 20 times per second and over 10,000 pecks in a day!  If you are experiencing an obstacle in your life that you cannot break through, woodpecker’s faithful and determined attitude can help break down your biggest barriers.

In Celtic cultures, birds represent prosperity and fertility.  Legends represent woodpecker as a symbol of digging deeper to fulfill our inner desires and remain diligent.      

Communicative * Gritty * Creative * Diligent * Strong  

Woodpeckers do not sing like other birds although they can make calls or chirps.  Instead, they use their drumming and pecking of trees, logs, or other hollow objects to communicate.  These messages attract mates and establish territories.  Although the communication options may seem limited for woodpecker, his heart makes up for this.  Woodpecker is keyed into the needs of others, and his nurturing spirit ensures that peace will prevail.   

Persistent * Opportunistic * Loving 

The woodpecker makes certain we do not pass him by.  His beautiful flashy colors and persistent pecking are sure to draw your attention in the wild.  Woodpecker is not one to conform to social norms, and his refreshing attitude and divergence from the path of conformity reminds us that we all have a place in this world.  Be inspired to march to the beat of your own drum.    

Wear Woodpecker Totem 

  • Woodpecker's drive and persistence can help you keep you focused on your goals, even when others may not understand. 

  • Turn to woodpecker for the confidence to be true to yourself.  Don't be scared to step away from the crowd and follow your own rhythm.  

  • If woodpecker appears, she may be telling you to slow down and become more aware of your surroundings.  Perhaps it is something crucial that you have overlooked, or a relationship that needs attention.  Woodpecker is a masterful communicator, and his empathetic and loving nature can help others.