Geese know when to lead, and when it’s time to step back. Through collaborative flight in a “V” formation, geese maintain a lower heart rate and reduced energy expenditure compared to going it alone.  Geese share the tiring position as lead, rotating as necessary with no qualms.  The “V” formation also allows geese to keep an eye out for each other to coordinate flight and open lines of communication to ensure a healthy flock.  Goose is always sincere and thoughtful of others.  If a member of the flock is injured, Goose will remain with the injured bird until healing or death occurs.

Aware * Martial * Protective * Brave * Faithful * Noble

The visual capability of Goose is quite different from humans: he can distinguish fine detail from a distance and can see UV light and a wider range of colors than humans.   Goose can also control his eyes independently - and can sleep with one eye open! With many predators lurking about, Goose must find a way to be both vigilant and at peace. Goose accomplishes this by allowing his brain to sleep one hemisphere at a time.  With this, he is always on guard.  When you turn to Goose, he can help you sharpen your lens to see clearer.  Perhaps he is telling you the time has come to surround yourself with a new support system and migrate to a new place in your life.

Baby geese - goslings - can walk and swim within their first hours out of their eggs and they maintain an easygoing nature for life.  They are adaptable to almost any environment, preferring grassy areas near a body of water while they snack on berries, plants, nuts, grass, and seeds.  While many species of geese migrate, some find a home they can enjoy year-round. 

Geese can make great pets and are highly sociable animals: remaining loyal to their people, territorial to intruders, and they also pitch in with yard work by keeping a trim, weed-free lawn. When geese are hatched from an egg, they may share a deep bond with the first living being they see- even if it’s not a goose!  

Goose will always make sure his family and friends receive care and nourishment.  He will be the emotional support, the voice of reason, and the healer when his friends are hurting. Sometimes, though, he can use his flock as a reason not to pursue his own goals and complete his personal mission.  If you are Goose, know that to be truly present for others, you must first invest in yourself.  At least once in his life, Goose should seek out a personal quest to discover his true potential.

Geese have lived on this planet for 12 million years. His historical wisdom has passed down to generations, making the species insightful and wise.  Goose has become a strategist, never hurried, always planning, and moving with thought and purpose.

The bills of geese contain many touch receptors, allowing him to feel with his beak which is extremely sensitive.  Goose can teach you to connect with Mother Nature.  Geese are insightful and emotional creatures. From an early age, they look to parents for social cues, and can follow the gaze of a parent to gain knowledge of the safety of their surroundings. Geese can also tune in to the feelings of others, making them empathic.  When he sees a conflict with a loved one, his heart will race. His emotions go deeper than most other animals: he will grieve the loss of an egg or the death of a partner.  

Empathic * Protective * Communicative * Disciplined * Strategic

Geese are social creatures with an innate ability to communicate.  In fact, even before hatching from an egg, they have already begun connecting with their parents.  Goose speaks with authority, and all stop to listen with respect and trust.  As a tribute to Goose’s communication skills, his feather was often the preferred choice of a quill for writing.  With such skill in communicating, goose makes a point to draw the boundary lines and set up expectations.  He is not shy to speak up when others cross the line or invade territory. 

Enthusiastic * Collaborative * Reliable * Loyal * Leading

Goose is loyal, finding a partner whom he would protect and defend for eternity, and he stands as a symbol of devotion.  A nurturer by nature, Goose may dream of a large family.  Together, a pair takes pride in creating a nest and enjoys scavenging for the perfect twigs and leaves to add, giving them a sense of security and peace. Geese share the parenting role and make a great team.  They gain much satisfaction pampering their young; when their gaggle is content, so are they. 

  • Goose reminds us to collaborate and work together

  • Goose can help bring out our nurturing and empathic side

  • Goose reminds us to speak up for ourselves and advocate for others with confidence

  • If Goose appears he may be telling you to migrate away from situations that no longer serve you and seek out new opportunities

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