In Chinese zodiac, snakes are the symbol of wisdom.  Snakes are considered the great thinkers, with a cunning sense of humor and eloquent nature.  In Judaism, the snake represents healing, or escaping the clutches of a certain death.  Many medical offices, ambulances, and labware are marked with a symbol of a snake winding around a wand.  This representation of the healing snake dates to ancient times where the serpent coiled himself around the Rod of Asclepius, the God of Medicine

Leading * Intuitive * Clever * Humorous * Enigmatic

If you are Rattlesnake, you may have a keen awareness of your surroundings.  Snake possesses a special organ that analyzes particles collected by the tongue and transmits chemical messages to the brain, giving snake a 6th sense.  These messages help snakes track prey, hunt, and differentiate between friend and foe.  Rattlesnake also has what is known as a pit organ located in a deep grove between his eyes and nostrils.  This pit contains heat-sensitive receptors, allowing him to sense infrared so he may hunt in the dark. 

Rattlesnake has an energetic and driven spirit and is attracted to power.  He is always seeking an elevated status both materialistically as well as socially. He presents himself well and values the finer things in life, but nothing is more important to Snake than respect and admiration.

Snake is meticulous with detail, making him successful with finances and personal endeavors.  With snake‚Äôs intuition and self-motivation, he does best when working solo which leads many snakes to seek out a life of entrepreneurship. In a work setting, Snake will do best in a leadership role as he may not take direction well.  However, this does not mean Snake is anti-social.  Snake regularly seeks out social gatherings on his own terms. Snakes are excellent conversationalists who offer a kind ear and a relaxed presence.  Many people will want to spend time with Snake, and his intuition makes him a great healer.  Snakes are not quick to anger, and always think before they speak.  Snake will give warning with his rattle before any attack of words or deeds.

Proud * Focused * Driven * Brilliant * Achieving

Snake is often perceived as an evil and cunning creature who lurks in the shadows, although this is not often the case.  Perhaps these misunderstandings make him the enigmatic character he is, always cautious of others trusting only his intuition.  Snake sheds his skins to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.   If you are patient and care to look past the skin he sheds, you will see that there is much more to Snake and may be rewarded by a true friend.

Successful * Prosperous * Confident 

Snakes need constant stimulation and may bore easily with tasks. It is important that he finds meaning in what he pursues, or he will end up abandoning projects and slither on to something more stimulating.  With a magnetic pull towards success, Snake must be mindful to ensure he has a balance in his life.  Snakes need to remember to find time for relaxation and rest.  Do not let one small setback keep you from pursuing what is most important.  If you are Snake, guard your heart against jealousy and open yourself up to learn from others you regard as competition.

Wear Snake Totem

  • Snake symbolizes wisdom, drive and prosperity.  

  • Snake's association with the God of Medicine make him a helpful totem when you need healing.

  • Turn to Snake when you are stuck at a crossroads.  His meticulous nature, attention to detail, and intuition can help you choose: will you slither away from a bad idea or strike a deal?