Spirit animals have always been an interest for our family. Through their totem identity, our children learned to value one another's difference, take pride in their strengths, and also see areas in their lives that would require hard work to find a balance.

A few years ago, our three boys began selling handmade totem animal necklaces at the Saturday Market. The jewelry creation process also served as a way to connect with their Native American culture and study art techniques. People loved the jewelry and my children enjoyed fattening their wallets, but we had not anticipated the reality that few of our customers were in touch with their identities. While totems were a new concept for most people, that didn't stop them from wanting to learn more about themselves. We developed a simple set of questions to help customers find a totem, and seeing their faces light up after my children would reveal a match was so fun!

  • Do you do your best thinking when alone, or do you collaborate with others

  • Are you shy and reserved or obnoxious and loud?

  • What secret superpower or unique talents do you poses?

  • Do you prefer waking up early or staying up late at night?

  • What is your favorite place to visit?

  • Do you love a challenge or are you more interested in relaxing in the moment?

  • Do you have a passion or hobby? 

When Summer was over, we weren't ready to let go of the fun of totem jewelry. We wanted EVERYONE to dig deeper into their identity and discover their potential and felt that totems could be an important part of self-discovery. We had the idea of creating these unique stackable totem beads and spent the next 2 years working on our vision. My Totem Tribe is a woman and Native American owned business.  Our children are not only the inspiration to the business, they also help make key decisions in the look of each jewelry piece or adding details to the final designs.  While it took nearly 2 years to launch, we are excited to bring totem jewelry - and hope your totem can help shape your story.   


"What Has Been, Will Be Again, What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again; There Is Nothing New Under The Sun."

- Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV  

There is nothing new under the sun but knowledge and beauty are worth sharing.  Our interpretation of spirituality, totem animals, holistic living, and social emotional health have been groomed and molded over our own life experiences and the knowledge and views of the great minds those before us.  We are passionate about self-care topics and feel that an understanding of mental wellness can help people live richer, more satisfying lives.