With Bear’s logical mindset, he doesn’t have patience for foolish games.  He tends to be picky with details and makes those known to his friends or partner. Bear in mind that we are all unique and different.  While Bear asks much of his friends, he expects more from himself.  He will be a provider - the strength, power, and perseverance in a relationship.   He is a mind over matter creature, logical and practical.  Bear teaches us to remain strong in times when we feel like letting go.  

Strong * Powerful * Grounded * Solitary * Logical

When compared directly to wolves or deer, Bear may seem anti-social.  Although he is solitary by nature, he may be content to co-exist with other bears and wildlife.  Some see bears as a totem of motherly love as she is admired for her fierceness when potential threats to her cubs arise.  Aside from coming between a mother and her cubs, bears are not territorial and do not defend or claim a particular area, although it’s wise to give her a large bubble of personal space – just in case.  

Although many look to bear as one of the most powerful totems, he always remains grounded.  Bear spends much of his time alone, at peace with Mother Earth, relying on his instincts.  He knows when it’s time to relax, and when it’s time to stand against adversity.  Brown bear lives in a cave that he digs out with his enormous claws. His cave is a haven where he can reflect and refresh.  Comfort and reassurance are important for Bear, who does not like to be challenged to change his perspective.  If you are Bear, know that even if it goes against your nature, you must allow for transitions.  Fortunately, you have the courage, strength, and fortitude to overcome your weaknesses and become your best self.

While Bear’s size and appearance may demand respect, his confidence often grows at a slower rate.  It takes Bear some time to feel comfortable in his own shoes.  It is common for him to flee the spotlight or shy away from danger even when he’s capable of facing a threat head on.  Bear is not the ferocious beast many make him out to be.  However, when required Bear can awe you with his strength and courage.  He is one of the most respected creatures of the forest. 

Planning * Courageous * Healing * Practical * Steadfast

If Bear appears to you, take note of what is going on in your life. If times are plentiful, he may be warning you to plan ahead. If you have been feeling stuck or are shying away from others, he may be calling you to come out of your cave and awaken from your hibernation with a fresh lease on life. 

Due to his physical presentation, Bear doesn’t rely on enhanced vision like many other forest creatures.  His greatest sense is that of smell and following his nose can often lead him to trouble. He is always thoughtful and curious of his surroundings and can become easily distracted and hyper-focused on a task.  The sounds of the stream or a tasty morsel lessen his awareness to safety threats.  Fortunately for him, he has few predators to worry about in the wild. 

Curious * Unwavering * Courageous

Bears are dependable, loyal, and thoughtful of the future.  When times are favorable for Bear, he doesn’t frolic freely with no worries.  Instead, he gets to work harvesting, planning, and storing up for times of scarcity.  His diligent and meticulous nature make Bear steadfast through difficult times. When conditions turn to a harsher climate when food is scarce, he can be found snoozing away.

Wear Bear Totem

  • Bear totem symbolizes motherly love, nature, protection, strength, mother earth, and planning

  • Wear Bear totem when you need to overcome your fear

  • Bear can guide you when you need to awaken from hibernation with a fresh perspective

  • Bear can help ground you when you are lost so you may prepare to fight adversity