Cougar’ presence and territory are so vast that next to humans, he resides in more geographies than any other mammal in the Western Hemisphere. With this wide range, it may come as no surprise that he holds the record for the most names given to any animal. Cougar has over 40 English names including Puma, Mountain Lion, Panther, and Catmount (Mountain Cat).  Next to Jaguar, he is the second largest cat in the Western Hemisphere.

Independent * Leading * Strong * Powerful * Precise

Cougar stalks his prey and uses the element of surprise to ambush his target meal.  His enormous paws and retractable claws are perfect for grabbing prey, and his muscular chest and hind legs allow him to pounce with deadly force and accuracy.  With a vertical leap of 15 feet, and capabilities of landing a 30-foot horizontal jump, his precision and agility make him difficult to outmaneuver.  Cougar are built for quick bursts and sprints, reaching speeds of 45MPH, but tire quickly.

Did you know, the Cougar cannot roar?  While he can purr, cry, meow, growl, scream, and snarl, this distinction is one that separates him from the large cat family.  He is more closely related to the bobcat and domestic cats.  Although their survival depends on a solitary life, they can be affectionate, playful and social animals.  While many humans fear an encounter, fewer than 30 fatal cougar attacks have been accounted for in the past 100 years in North America where most cougars run when they encounter humans.  Some, instead of attacking, will shake and cry to evoke an empathetic response from a hunter in the wild.  Aside from being hunted by humans, Cougar has no predators in the wild, which allows him peace of mind.        

A cougar is considered mature by 2 years old but will not commonly breed until his territory is established and he is flourishing.  Breeding cougars do not spend much time together and the males forgo any role in raising young.  Kittens (also called cubs) are born with spots to camouflage to surroundings when they cannot defend themselves, but these spots soon fade.  A mother cougar must leave her young to hunt, bringing her kittens meat at around 2 months old.  As the kittens grow quickly, she will begin taking them on hunting expeditions to boost their confidence and teach them independence.  

He will eat any animal he can catch: rodents, insects, and hooved animals such as deer and mountain goats are among some common meals, but across the globe he has been known to devour jackals, young alligators, pigs, snakes, monkeys, moose, and even livestock such as cattle.  Cougar eats once or twice a week and without meat, Cougar will not survive.  

What he lacks in size, Hummingbird makes up for with a big personality. He is considered one of the most aggressive and territorial birds, attacking crows, jays, hawks, and other hummingbirds that invade his space.  A hummingbird’s energy never fails, as you have likely witnessed him chasing a rival.  When a male is ready to settle down, he will fight other males, using his sharp beak as a deadly weapon.  Aside from mating season, he prefers a life of seclusion.  

Peaceful * Confident * Primal * Decisive * Aware * Observant

Cougar’s agility and determination have taken him far in life.  If you are Cougar, take a moment to think about how you arrived at this moment in time.  It was not through a chance encounter or an easy path.  Meditate on your own strength and power.  You have become wise through determination and short bursts of energy, and you should be proud of your ability to rise to the occasion and be your best self.  You are capable of greatness.  If Cougar leaps into your life, now is the time to be strong. Cougar may shine a light on opportunities that you can conquer if only you are prepared to attack. Using the power of intentions, be clear with your purpose and define where you are heading.

Dependable * Primal * Dominating 

Cougar prefers a home with thick underbrush or mountainous terrain which allows him to hide and live in secret, although he also can adapt to any region from snowy mountain tops, to swamps, to tropical forests. Cougar is guarded and solitary, mainly prowling at dawn and dusk.  He is reclusive, and although he may be in close proximity to man, he avoids humans and lurks in the shadows undetected. It is extremely rare to see him in the wild.  He enjoys living life on his own terms and is territorial by nature.  When conditions allow, he will claim 30 square miles of land.

Wear Cougar Totem

  • Cougar symbolizes power, precision, independence, and good luck 

  • Wear Cougar when you need protection.  

  • Cougar's adaptability can remind you that you are capable of big changes, and you can thrive wherever you are with a determined attitude. 

  • Cougar can guide you to walk with care and purpose.  If Cougar is your totem, you are a natural born leader and should know that others look to you for inspiration.