Ravens are crafty, quick, and intelligent.  In Native cultures, Raven is often seen as a bit of a mischief maker.  In the wild, they certainly can pull off some tricks!  They work in teams to distract other animals away from a target meal: often unattended eggs.  If their target meal is larger and inaccessible, they may call on wolves to do their dirty work.  Wolves can tear through the skin of a carcass which Ravens cannot do.  Wolves taking the first meal and leaving Raven to do the clean-up. 

Victorious * Spontaneous * Healing * Insightful * Transformative

Those unfamiliar with this spirit animal may be anxious about Raven’s intentions.  His mysterious, mythical, and spontaneous nature often brings up images of dark magic and bad omens.  While Raven is powerful and seen as a shapeshifter across many cultures, his spirit is not dark.  His intentions are insightful and benevolent.  

Native American folklore tells the tale of the beginning of time when “Rainbow Bird,” the most beautiful creature in the land with the voice of an angel, takes it upon himself to save the world from the dire conditions of the first harsh winter.  Rainbow Bird brings back fire, but the journey takes a toll: his beautiful voice is damaged from the smoke and his once beautiful colors are blackened with soot.  When you hear the cackle of Raven, remember his great sacrifice for all the living creatures. First glances can be deceiving.  If you look close enough, you can still see Rainbow Bird’s iridescent sparkle.  Raven can guide us to see past our preconceived notions and look deeper.  

Rainbow Bird’s voice was forever changed when he was given the new name of Raven. However, he’s one of few animals that can talk!  Ravens can produce over 100 vocalizations, mimicking humans as well as other animals.  The Common Raven is the largest perching bird in the world and is considered one of the most intelligent birds in existence.  When Raven enters a room, he has a commanding presence.  Raven’s behavior attracts attention from others, but also may evoke jealousy, misunderstanding and make others wary.     

Raven’s wisdom and perseverance have been known since the beginning of time.  While his specific role is not clear in the Bible story of Noah’s Ark, it does seem that Noah chose Raven to be the first animal released.  Maybe he recognized that the Raven was smart enough and strong enough to survive uncertainty.

Dutiful * Self-reflective * Mysterious * Intelligent * Graceful

While only a few animals play as adults, Ravens are considered the most playful bird.  You may have seen a raven taunt a dog, encouraging the pup to catch him in the air.  While he knows dogs cannot fly, he gets a giggle out of the trick.  You may also see Raven play in the air.  He is quite the acrobat, even spinning in circles or flying upside down for a short while with elegance and grace

Ravens are seen as a messenger, but her messages often require some deciphering.  Raven shows us that the answers we seek can be found in our own spirit.  As the “keeper of secrets” Raven offers a chance for self-reflection, knowledge, and regrowth.  Ravens signify a deep spiritual connection and can help align you when you are overwhelmed.  

Shapeshifting * Playful * Mythical 

Ravens are curious, scavenging their surroundings and collecting shiny objects and oddities to bring home.  If you are Raven, you have a knack for finding the silver lining in any circumstances and you can make the best out of every situation with ease. Raven rises above and seeks out a path to reformation and growth

Ravens will not allow others to push them around.  When predators come lurking, Ravens use their strengths to their advantage: working in numbers and taking to the air. When threatened, they work in teams to swarm a raptor or large hawk.  While a raptor’s talons are stronger and can be a danger, Ravens have powerful beaks which can peck tirelessly. Their loud relentless screeches can also be deafening.   

Wear Raven Totem

  • Wear Raven when you need to find the silver lining.  He will help bring out your optimistic spirit.

  • Wear Raven when you need to relax.  He can help you embrace your playful side.

  • Raven symbolizes growth and wisdom.