What animal is so special he has his own day?  World Sea Turtle Day is June 16th where we honor the unique creature’s perseverance and resilience. “Honu,” the Hawaiian word for sea turtle, is considered a sacred creature and symbolizes protection, good luck, and represents a link between land and sea.  

resilient * Instinctive * Peaceful * natural * Loving

While they are a symbol of longevity with most species living over 50 years, sea turtles tend to take their time in life.  Some species of sea turtles may not be matured and ready to date until well into their thirties, by which time he will have traveled thousands of miles by sea to find a partner, spending most hours in solitude.  Sea turtle is an excellent navigator, and his journey stretches further than almost any animal.  Leatherback sea turtles are among the most migratory animals on earth, travelling up to 10,000 miles each year in their quest for jellyfish.  

It is rare to find Sea Turtle battling against a current or putting up a fight.  However, if times call for war, he has a built-in defense system to ward off enemies.  Unlike land turtles, they cannot retract into their shell, but their shell offers a layer of great protection and worries roll off their backs.  

All sea turtles are poikilotherms, which means their body’s temperature varies with the conditions.  As animals of land and sea, these changes can be quite dramatic.  Sea turtles feel the effects of their surroundings more deeply than other animals, but their adaptable nature allows them to handle harsh environmental conditions.  Sea Turtle is in-tune with emotional strength and ancient wisdom.  When you face a harsh condition you cannot alter, look to Turtle’s flexible nature to regroup and de-stress.  

Sea turtles can hold their breath for up to 5 hours and are excellent swimmers.  However, not everything Sea Turtle encounters will be easy for him.  While he is agile in the water, he moves slowly on land.  Pace yourself and take a breath.  Find peace when you encounter challenges and keep making slow and steady progress. Sea Turtle can teach us to wait for the right conditions and be patient.  

Migratory * Persevering * Persistent * Healthy * Gritty

While a female will lay around a hundred eggs, only one of these hatchlings is expected to survive to adulthood.  The temperature of the ocean will determine Sea Turtle’s anatomy: with warm temperatures, all eggs will hatch as females while colder temperatures produce males.  From the moment they hatch, sea turtles must find their own way to the sea.  

 Patient * Enduring * Flowing

Sea turtles are born into a harsh and unforgiving world yet maintain an optimistic and carefree outlook on life. Defenseless hatchlings have many predators in the wild and they can face diseases as they get older.  However, man’s impact produces the greatest threats: oil spills, pollution, plastic waste, global warming, tourism, and boating are only a start.  Today, all 6 sea turtles in US waters are on the endangered or threatened species list.  Sea Turtle seems untroubled by this, pressing forward with grit.  Just moments from hatching, he is already in tune with nature, knowing just where to go with an admirable drive and focus. He is mindful of his surroundings, knowing which currents he can trust, and going with the flow to live life in a relaxed, healthful, and happy-go-lucky manner. 

Wear Sea Turtle Totem

  • Are you feeling troubled and anxious?  Sea Turtle can inspire you to relax and take a step back from your problems.  Not everything you encounter will be easy for you, so place yourself and keep making slow and steady progress.  His ancient wisdom can guide you when you need to de-stress.  Wear Sea Turtle as a symbol of longevity and grit.

  • While you may not have control over your surroundings, Sea Turtle can remind you that you do have power over your thoughts.  Learn to let go of the things you cannot control and trust the currents that can assist you in your journey with a flowing nature.

  • Wear Sea Turtle as a reminder that man has a duty to care for and respect all creatures.  Conservatory efforts matter!