Owl has long been considered a wise and solitary creature.  With his independent thinking, Owl often roosts alone.  He is not anti-social, though, and at times he will cozy up with other owls to stay warm during harsh conditions. Roosting together may benefit Owl through communication of hunting locations, it deters mobs of birds or predators, and ensures he finds a mate.  

Deep * Traveling * Clear * Peaceful * Wise

While Owl’s tube-shaped and outward-facing eyes are completely immobile, he can rotate his neck 270 degrees.  His eyes provide a laser focus through binocular vision and increased depth perception, a unique quality that sets him apart from other animals.  Some feel that Owl’s ability to create a microscope of vision is symbolic of seeing into any time: past, present, and future.  His remarkable ability to see in the dark also makes him an expert at discernment as he is not tricked by illusions.  He sees the true intentions of anyone around him and his spirit can guide you to look beyond what others can see and gain a deeper understanding.  

Unlike most birds of prey, Owl has a nearly silent flight, which has long fascinated scientists.  His unique wing features include comb-like serrated edges and a soft velvet-like fringe to dampen sound and increase efficiency.  With large wings in relation to his body mass, Owl glides as slow as 2 MPH.  Did he evolve this silent flight to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, or was it to improve his hearing and tracking during a hunt?  While scientists have different views, they agree that his sound-dampening structures aren’t by chance.  

With a mysteriously silent glide, laser sharp night vision, and an enhanced ability to track sounds, Owl is unmatched in his hunting abilities.  His gifts often make him the target of a mobbing of smaller birds.  Crows and other birds are intimidated and threatened by his presence and will harass him relentlessly.  Owl conserves his energy and chooses to ignore the harassment. He knows soon enough they will leave him in peace, or he can choose to fly to a new location.  Look to Owl when you are facing criticism or feeling like an outsider.  Stand true and don’t let the mob ruffle your feathers.  

 Owl can help you navigate through dark moments in life: bringing clarity to your goals.  Owl may be encouraging you to move away from the darkness and set aside anything holding you back.     

Compared to other birds, Owl does not enjoy nest building.  Instead, he chooses to hop from home to home, always ready to explore the unknown until they find the perfect fit.  Many Owls are indifferent to where they reside, choosing vacant nests made by other birds, hollowed trees, or man-made structures, while burrowing owls find homes in tunnels dug by other animals.  Owl can teach us not to become attached to our possessions or fiddle with insignificant details: adventure may be just around the corner.

Observant * Insightful * Opportunistic * Gritty * Discerning

 Owls only become territorial and selective of a nesting site when they are ready to have a family, which only occurs when certain conditions are met.  Owl is a great planner, and the number of eggs the female will lay - one to over a dozen - will depend on the availability of food sources and ease of hunting.  When an owl pair settles down, the couple takes great pleasure in spending time together.  They rub beaks or cheeks together and enjoy grooming one another.  The female sits on the nest and broods alone while the male provides the food for the nest.  They take tremendous courage defending their owlets, fighting off humans, birds, and even wolves.  

Adventurous * Mysterious * Peculiar 

Many are mesmerized by Owl’s mysterious and unusual gifts.  His rare traits inspire all to be bold and courageous - and give many a sense of wonder and appreciation for our differences. Owl never second guesses himself.  While he trusts his intuition and wisdom, he may struggle to fit in.  Owl breaks the mold for a cookie cutter bird.  

With 250 species of owls spanning every continent except Antarctica, owl symbols and mythology exist across a diverse range of cultures. From ancient times to today, he represents mystery, sacred knowledge, and the ability to look beyond outward perceptions and seek truth.  While certain cultures link Owl with death and the spirit world, most feel that this association is figurative and not literal.  He may represent letting go of habits, bottled up emotions, relationships, or situations that no longer serve us.  

Wear Owl Totem

  • Owl represents letting go.  Wear this totem when you need to shed a bad habit or move on from toxic situations.

  • Wear owl when you need courage to be yourself.

  • Owl represents mystery, wisdom, and insightfulness