Since the frog is strongly associated with the water where he spends a lot of his life and is active at night, this spirit animal is also connected to moon energy.  If you are Frog, you may be at ease with the world of intuition and the magic of nature and have an attraction for dusk.  While others sleep, Frog keeps an open mind and a deep connection to his highest self.  Frog is in tune with himself and always keyed in to growth and prosperity.  A frog totem is thought to bring good luck. Frog is also a symbol of fertility and her totem brings luck in childbearing in China as well as Japan.  Certain Native cultures feel that frog will prevent loss, so a frog totem or coin may be carried in a purse for security.

Transformative * Patient * Growth-minded * Prosperous

Frogs are patient, never worrying or running around in search of food.  They wait for meals to come to them.  Their tongues extend at over 13 feet per second, and can snag a meal in under .07 seconds.  That’s some pretty fast food!  Frogs often rely on their camouflage looks to avoid predators.  They would rather conserve energy than leap away from danger.  

Frog is wise beyond his years and powerful with knowledge.  Some evidence shows that frogs have roamed this earth for over 200 million years – and today our planet has over 6,000 species.  Frog is one of the oldest totems and he shares ancient wisdom from the beginning of time. Some sources state that images and depictions of frog sticking his tongue out or touching another animal with it symbolize a sharing of knowledge and power.  Although frog’s size may not impress you, his powerful hind legs can launch him more than 20 times his body length.  That’s not his only strength: his tongue can lift 1.4 times his body weight!

The frog often appears at the bottom of totem poles with his legs stretched out to symbolize stability.  While many have preconceived notions about the “low man on the totem pole”, Native traditions may tell a different story.  According to experts on First Nations culture, sometimes the lowest figures on the totem are considered the most respected.  Afterall, this totem is most visible to those who encounter the pole.  We all have our place in this world and have a duty to be our best selves wherever we serve, with cooperation and appreciation for others.

Logical * Ordered * Powerful * Wise * Lucky

Celtic symbolism associates Frog with cleansing and healing because after rain Frog often makes an appearance.  This process of renewal can be taken literally or figuratively as in physical, spiritual, or emotional cleansing.  Call on this totem when you need to rid yourself of toxic energies or emotions.  Perhaps the frog’s ever changing and morphing self is encouraging you to refresh your perspective or vision.  

Frogs were the first land animals with vocal cords.  They have vocal sacs, which are balloon-like pouches of skin that fill with air and resonate sound.  Their calls can be heard for up to a mile, and the males become quite loud to attract females.  As social creatures they live in large colonies called armies.  As young tadpoles, frogs also swim together like schools of fish.    

Healing * Philosophical * Cleansing * Stable

Frog has been a powerful totem full of symbolism dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome.  Frog’s life represents transition, transformation, and rebirth.  While all of earth’s creatures undergo transitions, frog’s changes are quite dramatic.  Growing pains are a necessary process, and we should not shy away from change or jump away in fear.  If frog leaps into your life, he may be indicating that great opportunities are around the corner if only you are ready to transition.  His patience and reassurance can guide you through challenges ahead.  

Wear Frog Totem 

  • Often appearing at the bottom of a totem pole, Frog symbolizes strength and steadfastness.  

  • Look to Frog when you are undergoing a transition.  Changes may be painful but are necessary for growth and transformation.

  • Frog can help you become patient: wait for the right opportunity and use your power and precision to strike at just the right time.