Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, is a large ape-like creature said to inhabit coastal forests in Canada and the United States. Many Native American Tribes have their own name for this creature in mythology including Bushman, Wildman, and Treeman. These creatures are bipedal, covered in a black, brown, or red fur, and range from 500 and 1,000 pounds.   The image of Bigfoot has been used as inspiration for folklore where the tales are often used to teach a lesson or frighten those listening but may not bare resemblance to Sasquatch’s true temperament.    

Spiritual * Introverted * Confident * Natural * Self-sufficient 

Sasquatch totem is extremely rare. Since proof of his existence is yet to be confirmed with hard evidence, he is a symbol of intrigue, mystery, and elusiveness. Many are baffled by his abilities to avoid detection and capture, which points to an extremely intelligent and evasive creature.  

While some claim to have captured footprints, images, or reported sightings, one thing is certain: nothing gets past Bigfoot. He cannot be deceived or trapped. He sees through any attempt to cage him in and refuses to engage with individuals lacking authenticity. Perhaps those who have seen evidence of his existence were given a rare gift as he chose to show himself only to those open in mind and spirit.  Bigfoot can help in times where you need to discover the truth and separate fact from fabrication. His energies can help shed light on the intentions of those around you. 

While many believe that Sasquatch is lonely, he is one with nature. Preferring isolated living, Sasquatch tends to avoid interacting with humans. Sasquatch is a survivalist: finding a way to manage in lean times, relying only on his intellect and intuition

If Sasquatch presents himself to you, he may be alluding to the fact that you feel misunderstood or not taken seriously. Are you feeling unseen or unheard by those surrounding you? Realize that not all will understand your visions or intentions. Don’t waste time trying to persuade those that will never see, instead, keep living your best life.

Evasive * Inspirational * Free * Mysterious

If you are feeling drained or overstimulated, look to Sasquatch totem to help you rediscover inner peace and find a oneness with nature. An empathic and giving personality can lead to feelings of depletion and emptiness. You cannot give from a place of emptiness, and Sasquatch totem can help you remember to put your priorities in check with yourself at the top of the list. 

 Elusive * Impactful * Unpretentious * Self-Sufficient * Secretive

If Sasquatch is your totem, your passion for knowledge is unmatched. While you may appear relaxed and at peace, your mind never rests. Your philosophical nature gives rise to studying the plants, stars, and meaning of life around you in detail. While you avoid situations that may overstimulate, you also struggle in an environment void of sensory outlets. If you are Sasquatch, you may find yourself constantly distracted and disengaged indoors, needing to feel the wind on your face and grass between your toes. You enjoy most being in the woods, feeling out of place in formal settings. 

Wear Sasquatch Totem

  • Sasquatch totem can help you reconnect to nature and find inner peace.

  • Sasquatch totem can help you find truth and root out the inauthentic