The understanding that we are all connected can transform our views of the world. 
Totems guide us towards compassionate living and encourage an appreciation for differences. 
Wear a totem to tell your story and inspire others.

"Your birth date is the first drum beat of a fantactic ceremonial dance of life."

-Algonquin Proverb

Native culture acknowledges that nature plays a crucial role here on earth and also in the stars.  There are different versions of the Astrological chart across tribes and cultures. It is believed by many that people share characteristics of the zodiac animal sign associated with their birth. In Native American traditions, traits of certain animals are associated with astrological signs or birth totems.

December 22- January 19

Empathic * Protective * Communicative

Goose is loyal, finding a partner whom he would protect and defend for eternity, and he stands as a symbol of devotion.  A nurturer by nature, Goose may dream of a large family.  Together, a pair takes pride in creating a nest and enjoys scavenging for the perfect twigs and leaves to add, giving them a sense of security and peace. Geese share the parenting role and make a great team.  They gain much satisfaction pampering their young; when their gaggle is content, so are they.

January 20- February 18

Playful * Inquisitive * Active

The otter embraces the chance to relax, learn, and play.  Do not misunderstand, the otter is in no way lazy.  He is goal-oriented but values balance.   Sometimes the otter is cautious. He is not alarmed when problems arise because he is prepared for any danger by always being aware of small details overlooked by others. Otter goes easily with the tide as it ebbs and flows, never demanding that nature changes course.  As a life-long-learner and with an action-oriented personality, the otter grows quickly into a wise totem.  The otter often channels his energy into artistic endeavors.  The inquisitive nature of this totem gives the otter insight into the complexities of life. 

February 19 -March 20

Loyal * Instinctive * Free

Wolves are pack animals, forming deep connections and trust within their tribe.  While there is some hierarchy within the pack, the preconceived notion that they fight for a position as the alpha wolf is incorrect.  Although wolves will exert dominance in social situations, they honor one another and value the pack’s well-being.  Scientists now conclude that a wolf’s place is not rigid but fluid, shifting over time or even during seasons.  Whatever his role, Wolf is a playful, social, and emotional creature who values family.  He often chooses a partner to bond with for life.  Wolves can teach you to take a closer look at your tribe.  Are you surrounding yourself with a pack that values your contribution?  What will you sacrifice for your family? 

March 21 -April 19

Wandering * Agile * Insightful

Falcon is a bird of vision.  He can see two and a half times clearer than humans, and his eyes have adapted to include a second transparent eyelid to allow him to see with his eyes protected from the environment.  Falcons also have a ridge over their eyes to act as a visor, shading his eyes from the harsh sun and allowing him to focus ahead.  Falcon can help you keep your eyes on the goal and visualize your best life.

April 20 -May 20

Diligent * Industrious* Resourceful 

Beaver is the national animal of Canada, chosen for his industrious nature.  The term “busy as a beaver” refers to his ability to work with enthusiasm without fatigue.  With Beaver’s strong drive and work ethic, very little will prevent him from accomplishing his goals. Beaver takes pride in his home and space, giving him comfort and satisfaction.  He is an astounding builder with an artistic spirit, creating beauty out of the dead and old. He uses mud, rocks, branches, and other vegetation to form his lodging.  Beaver’s resourceful nature can inspire others to look at their surroundings and tools in a new light.  Beaver has a generous spirit: his infrastructures are not only for himself or his ego, but he gives a home for many others by building wetlands, ponds, dams, and slowing the flow of rivers depending on where he lives.  If you need motivation to start your project, look to Beaver’s creative spirit.  

May 21 - 
June 20

Ambassadorial * Peaceful * Purposeful

Deer are very social animals and travel in groups, caring for one another and finding comfort in the company of a like-minded herd.  The gentle giants are great peacemakers, encouraging others with a persistent nudge towards love.  The deer’s deepest desire is for peace and unity for all the creatures of the earth.  Self-love is also a crucial element for the deer and is necessary to find harmony within.  Offer grace to yourself and others.

June 21 
-July 21

Persistent * Opportunistic * Loving

The woodpecker makes certain we do not pass him by.  His beautiful flashy colors and persistent pecking are sure to draw your attention in the wild.  Woodpecker is not one to conform to social norms, and his refreshing attitude and divergence from the path of conformity reminds us that we all have a place in this world.  Be inspired to march to the beat of your own drum.    

July 22 - August 21

Resilient  * Intuitive * Bold

It is said that Native American cultures do not think in terms of linear growth, but in circles.  The salmon is a symbol of a journey and the circle of rebirth.    There is a sense of wonder and beauty in salmon’s existence: how does salmon know what to do?  Somehow, the answers are within his spirit. This can be a strong meditation: to understand who I am and where I am going, I must know where I began.  It is as if salmon can see beyond her earthly years as she sacrifices herself so that the next generation can begin their journey.  A salmon totem helps us remain grounded, focused, and persistent.  

August 22 -Sept 21

Unwavering * Logical * Strong

Bears are dependable, loyal, and thoughtful of the future.  When times are favorable for Bear, he doesn’t frolic freely with no worries.  Instead, he gets to work harvesting, planning, and storing up for times of scarcity.  His diligent and meticulous nature make Bear steadfast through difficult times. When conditions turn to a harsher climate when food is scarce, he can be found snoozing away.

 September 22 - October 22

Self-Reflective * Mysterious * Intelligent

Ravens are curious, scavenging their surroundings and collecting shiny objects and oddities to bring home.  If you are Raven, you have a knack for finding the silver lining in any circumstances and you can make the best out of every situation with ease. Raven rises above and seeks out a path to reformation and growth. 

October 23 - November 22

Prosperous * Confident * Enigmatic

Snake is often perceived as an evil and cunning creature who lurks in the shadows, although this is not often the case.  Perhaps these misunderstandings make him the enigmatic character he is, always cautious of others trusting only his intuition.  Snake sheds his skins to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.   If you are patient and care to look past the skin he sheds, you will see that there is much more to Snake and may be rewarded by a true friend.

November 23 - December 21

Transformative * Persistent * Passionate

Many are mesmerized by Owl’s mysterious and unusual gifts.  His rare traits inspire all to be bold and courageous - and give many a sense of wonder and appreciation for our differences.  Owl never second guesses himself.  While he trusts his intuition and wisdom, he may struggle to fit in.  Owl breaks the mold for a cookie cutter bird.  With 250 species of owls spanning every continent except Antarctica, owl symbols and mythology exist across a diverse range of cultures. From ancient times to today, he represents mystery, sacred knowledge, and the ability to look beyond outward perceptions and seek truth.  While certain cultures link Owl with death and the spirit world, most feel that this association is figurative and not literal.  He may represent letting go of habits, bottled up emotions, relationships, or situations that no longer serve us.  

Finding your spirit animal should be an enjoyable process, so do not stress if you do not find one easily.  As you change and develop as a person, maybe you find drawn to a new animal and that’s OK, too. Hopefully learning about your spirit animal will help you relate to others as well as yourself. You can think about what areas your friends struggle or excel. Spirit animals can help you see the value in what makes us all unique and can be a way to bring storytelling back to life. 

If You do not feel a connection with your Zodiac animal, there are many other totems to explore.  


Trickster * Animated * Carefree

Coyote is wily, sly, and sharp.  He is famous in traditional Native American folk tales as the trickster, but also as a man’s first companion.  In his tales of trickery, a lesson always unfolds, often where Coyote teaches us that laughter is the best medicine.  Coyote is mindful to never let his tricks get out of hand.  He is capable of attaining great rewards through his deception, but he is careful to never cross boundaries, although he may tiptoe close to them.  He values trust in a mate so he remains true and plays it safe. 


Resilient  * Noble * Hopeful

While many are in awe of Eagle’s majestic flight, what goes up must come down.  Many others may place Eagle high on the totem pole, but he remains grounded, always returning to his roots and holding a deep connection to Earth.  He leads by example, never putting up a front and remaining genuine in spirit and actions.  Eagle’s strong, sharp beak symbolizes the power of voice.  Eagle chooses his words wisely, but when he speaks his unique cry beckons all to listen closer.  Eagle can encourage mindful speaking.


Cunning * Agile * Charming

The fox is a popular character among folklore and fables where he always takes the role of the sly and clever trickster. While his attributes are not always seen in a positive light, Fox is not malicious.  He may use his gifts of trickery to teach a lesson in karma, which Fox finds quite hilarious.  Fox can teach us that for every problem, there is a solution with the right approach. 


Philosophical * Cleansing* Stable

Frog has been a powerful totem full of symbolism dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome.  Frog’s life represents transition, transformation, and rebirth.  While all of earth’s creatures undergo transitions, Frog’s changes are quite dramatic.  Growing pains are a necessary process, and we should not shy away from change or jump away in fear. IfFrog leaps into your life, he may be indicating that great opportunities are around the corner if only you are ready to transition.  His patience and reassurance can guide you through challenges ahead.   


Primal * Dominating * Observant

Cougar prefers a home with thick underbrush or mountainous terrain which allows him to hide and live in secret, although he also can adapt to any region from snowy mountain tops, to swamps, to tropical forests. Cougar is guarded and solitary, mainly prowling at dawn and dusk.  He is reclusive, and although he may be in close proximity to man, he avoids humans and lurks in the shadows undetected. It is extremely rare to see him in the wild. Cougar enjoys living life on his own terms and is territorial by nature.  When conditions allow, he will claim 30 square miles of land. 


Bold * Energetic * Passionate

In mythology, Hummingbird appeared as a healer or spirit for those in need.  He symbolizes courage and endurance, as he holds the record for the smallest migratory bird. While not all hummingbird species migrate, those native to North America must journey thousands of miles per year.  Hummingbird can travel 500 miles at a time, always unaccompanied, with a tireless and positive outlook.  Not even rain can stop him from moving forward.  With the shake of his head - or as many as 130 per second - drops of water fall away and he can continue his flight untroubled.  Hummingbird’s lightness is a symbol to let go of heavy burdens.  There is no room for negative thoughts or emotional pain if one plans to succeed in the long journey that lies ahead.  Make time to heal the heart.


Familial * Traveling* Free

There is a deep sense of unity and oneness within Orca’s community: they travel, hunt, protect, and even grieve together.  Orcas communicate through sound, echolocation, facial expressions, and touch.  Orcas crave contact and social engagement on a regular basis, and they are known for their pod’s tribal connection which typically lasts for life.   Orca is always focused on the pod’s health as a whole, lifting the least to benefit the pod as a unit.  Anywhere from half a dozen to over two dozen male and female orcas make up a pod which is typically led by a female. Often pods unite to form groups of over 200.  Orcas can symbolize love and romance as they mate for life and are nurturing loving parents.  


Enduring * Migratory * Gritty

Sea turtles are born into a harsh and unforgiving world yet maintain an optimistic and carefree outlook on life. Defenseless hatchlings have many predators in the wild and they can face diseases as they get older.  However, man’s impact produces the greatest threats: oil spills, pollution, plastic waste, global warming, tourism, and boating are only a start.  Today, all 6 sea turtles in US waters are on the endangered or threatened species list.  Sea Turtle seems untroubled by this, pressing forward with grit.  Just moments from hatching, he is already in tune with nature, knowing just where to go with an admirable drive and focus. He is mindful of his surroundings, knowing which currents he can trust, and going with the flow to live life in a relaxed, healthful, and happy-go-lucky manner.


Brotherly * Dexterous * Shapeshifting

Raccoon’s mask can tell us that not everything is as it seems.  He is a shapeshifter, allowing him to adapt and fit in to any scenario. Masks allow for altering one’s state, hiding, or can be used to become something else during ceremonies and celebrations. We all have a role to play, and sometimes we may put on a front.  Racoon can help you discover who you truly are as you take a closer look at the masks you may wear.  


Transformative * Persistent * Passionate

Swans have long been a symbol of grace and beauty.  They seem to float elegantly through life with a love they maintain for eternity. “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen tells a story where a swan egg accidentally rolled into a duck’s nest.  After hatching, the swan seems awkward and ugly among his perceived siblings.  He is bullied and belittled and feels like a misfit until he grows into a beautiful swan and takes his rightful place among the majestic beings. While fictitious, this story may hold true for many swans.  Every swan started as an awkward duckling, trying to fit into a place in life that is, perhaps, too small for him.  This story also shows the vulnerable side of the swan.  If you are Swan, you may find yourself more sensitive and emotional than others.     


Free * Mysterious * Natural

Sasquatch totem is extremely rare. Since proof of his existence is yet to be confirmed with hard evidence, he is a symbol of intrigue, mystery, and elusiveness. Many are baffled by his abilities to avoid detection and capture, which points to an extremely intelligent and evasive creature.  While some claim to have captured footprints, images, or reported sightings, one thing is certain: nothing gets past Bigfoot. He cannot be deceived or trapped. Sasquatch sees through any attempt to cage him in and refuses to engage with individuals lacking authenticity. 



Adaptable * Intelligent * Regenerative

Octopus is constantly in motion: mentally, physically, and emotionally. She shifts with the water’s flow, teaching us to relax and be present. Although she is the pinnacle of wizardry, she never lets her magic get to her head. She remains humble and grounded for stability. If Octopus appears to you, she may be telling you to tune in to your reactive abilities. Sometimes life presents with disappointing, frightening, or frustrating situations. Octopus serves to remind you that although you may not be capable of changing your surroundings, you have the agility and intelligence to react appropriately. 

What do I do when I find my Totem?

Of course, no animal is going to be a perfect match to your personality, but learning the key traits of your animal can teach you about yourself from a new perspective.  Hopefully you can see the inspiration that lies within you.  You may also be aware of problem areas in your life that you can learn to tame.  If you want to learn more, you can read up on your totem through books or documentaries.  If you are Owl, which of the 250 species best fits your personality?  Why?  Keep the knowledge of your totem close with an image, literature, or totem jewelry that you can wear a reminder of your inner strength.   


Some choose spirit animals to aspire to, with qualities they admire and strive to acquire that may not resemble their personality completely.  This is a wonderful way to inspire yourself to grow out of your comfort zone and wearing this totem can remind you of your values and priorities in life.  Our quiz will reveal your inner clan totem, the animal that aligns best with your characteristics at the present moment.  A totem is the unconscious wisdom and spirit that lies within.  Many feel that the inner totem is a constant, while other animal spirit guides will come and go.  It is really up to you what you believe.  As we grow and are shaped by our experiences and choices, our spirt guides can also shift, but their wisdom will remain with us and will always be available when we meditate upon that guide.  According to some Native American Cultures, the inner totem animal and person are somehow bound together during challenging tasks.