Fox is swift and agile, rarely becoming the victim of a trap.  Fox will outsmart others and he has a keen ability to always think three steps ahead.  But Fox can also be patient and careful

In Native American cultures, the fox brings fire and possesses healing powers.  In East Asian cultures, she is a shapeshifter.  It is considered good luck to see a fox spirt.  

Opportunistic * Wise * Playful * Sharp * Sly

Did you know foxes are one of the only animals that use earth’s magnetic pull to track prey?  He moves fluidly through life and can quickly cover his tracks to avoid detection while reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour.  

Fox’s fun-loving personality makes him a joy to be around.  Fox is friendly, playful, and his energy is contagious.  If you are Fox, you have a wonderful ability to fit into any situation.  You can become the highlight of the event or camouflage to your surroundings and remain unnoticed. Unlike your canine family, fox generally prefers a life of seclusion to one of roaming in a pack, but family may be important to you.  It is common for foxes to choose a mate for life and pups may live with parents for a few of years.   

Others may become so caught up in gossip and gab that they fail to sense danger, but never fox.  Foxes are excellent listeners.  Foxes can teach us that silence and solitude can be useful tools.  We rarely hear fox, but he can be a great communicator.  Fox can produce over 30 different vocal sounds and uses a variety of facial expressions to convey messages.  Fox can be a great teacher in dealing with relationships.  Fox always has a way to maneuver confrontation and conflict. Fox teaches us to move cautiously and take precise steps with others.  Many people wear the fox totem to remind them to move with care and purpose in all they do. 

Swift * Clever * Adaptable * Elusive * Fiery

If you need help bringing out your creative side and problem-solving abilities, Fox will guide you.  Do not rush or worry.  Hold on to your playful side and do not stress.  Instead, use the senses you are given to plan and remain vigilant.  Fox can help you maneuver around obstacles in your path. 

Benevolent * Cunning * Agile * Charming

The fox is a popular character among folklore and fables where he always takes the role of the sly and clever trickster. While his attributes are not always seen in a positive light, fox is not malicious.  He may use his gifts of trickery to teach a lesson in karma, which fox finds quite hilarious.  Fox can teach us that for every problem, there is a solution with the right approach. 

Wear Fox Totem

  • Wear Fox as a reminder to move with care and purpose in all you do.  

  • Fox symbolizes good luck and healing powers.

  • Turn to Fox when you need to solve a problem.  With the right approach, Fox can help you can find a solution.