Bird symbolism is strong in Native American cultures and the swan totem is one of the first and most powerful in existence.  Swans are considered sacred, representing Wind and the Northern direction.  The swan can remind us of hope and transformation

Pure * Dualistic * Direct * Powerful * Sensitive

Be aware that swan’s commanding presence may undermine his spouse or friends.  It would serve the swan well to remain humble.  He also needs to remember how his size can be a disadvantage leading to awkward take offs and a poor ability to maneuver in the skies.  Swans cannot advance quickly through diving, flying, or running but he is always steadfast.  While he appears to float across the water effortlessly, his legs never stop moving below the surface.  He succeeds through persistence.  

As an animal of water, sky, and land, the swan represents balance.  A fierce defender of his offspring and nurturing parent, the swan is also a devoted partner, a masterful worker, and health-oriented being who appears to accomplish so much with grace and ease.  

While swans are elegant, do not make the mistake of thinking they are fragile.  Swans can be territorial and fierce creatures.  Swans value privacy and many swan couples prefer to be the ONLY pair of big birds in one pond.  They will often take flight or put up a fight when troubled by outsiders.  

Though often competitive, swans can also be cooperative.  While it is true that swans are territorial on the water, studies show swans work together during migration, helping their fellow friends and communicating all the while.  When the time is right, swan can be a powerful addition to a team building experience.

Graceful * Determined * Loving * Balanced * Passionate

In many Celtic myths the swan is a shapeshifter and tells the story of the sun’s healing power.  In Irish and Gaelic tales, the swan acts as a messenger, sharing news that the love and peace sought by many are already present within each person.  These stories make Swan a symbol of inner beauty and self-love.   

Nurturing * Transformative * Persistent 

Swans have long been a symbol of grace and beauty.  They seem to float elegantly through life with a love they maintain for eternity. “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen tells a story where a swan egg accidentally rolled into a duck’s nest.  After hatching, the swan seems awkward and ugly among his perceived siblings.  He is bullied and belittled and feels like a misfit until he grows into a beautiful swan and takes his rightful place among the majestic beings.   While fictitious, this story may hold true for many swans.  Every swan started as an awkward duckling, trying to fit into a place in life that is, perhaps, too small for him.  This story also shows the vulnerable side of the swan.  If you are a swan, you may find yourself more sensitive and emotional than others.   

Wear Swan Totem 

  • Swan can help you find balance when you feel out of sync. 
  • Although many perceive swan as effortlessly gliding through life, he only succeeds through determination that many fail to see.  Wear swan as a reminder to persist in all you do.

  • Swan is dualistic: representing yin and yang, black and white, beauty and fierceness.  Wear Swan as a reminder that we are all more than labels and outward perceptions.  

  • Swan is a symbol of devotion and love as they chose a partner for life and find joy in raising a family.