The otter’s love of water is symbolic to healing as water purifies and cleans.  To some tribes, the otter symbolizes honesty and loyalty.  In Celtic culture, otters represent lightheartedness, and love.  For these qualities, they are referred to as “water dogs.” 

Familial * Healthy * Nurturing * Communal

Did you know there are few animals that actually “play” as adults?  The otter has never let his youthful nature and zest for life diminish. The creativity and imagination of the otter is an innate quality, a trait that cannot be learned or practiced. If your spirit animal is otter, you are lucky!  Others may be caught up in thinking of the future, working for tomorrow, or waiting for a moment to let their guard down, but you are free.  

Otters do not long for anything, instead they are completely immersed in the present moment with a deep sense of fulfillment. Otters are a symbol of joy, satisfaction, and blessings.  

The otter has a very warm heart often centered around family.  A nurturer by nature, otters make great parents.  Self-sacrifice to provide for the family unit is the otter’s way, knowing that building up every member of the family will bind them together.  Be careful, though, sometimes the otter may overstep boundaries to protect his family.  While Otter is family oriented, he is also independent and confident in life.  He values freedom, and will find conflict with anything or anyone attempting to box him in.  If you are an otter, you are wise to swim away from stress as you never let the weight of the world burden you or bring you down. 

The otter can also help us engage with others around us: are we mindful of the needs of others?  Tuning to the needs of our tribe and taking a moment to help our friends can have a lasting benefit.  The friendships you make are a testament to your great love and the beauty of life, and the otter’s effort to make the world a better place can bring you a great sense of happiness and fulfillment.  

Gracious * Content * Fearless * Wise * Imaginative

The otter totem can guide you during times where you need stability.  Perhaps you have lost your focus.  This is a time the otter can bring you out of a time of darkness and into the light of your life.   

The Ojibwa tribes often call upon the spirit of the otter in major times of transition: birth, death, and commitment ceremonies.  The otter’s agility gives the totem a perfect energy for major transitions.  

Balanced * Playful * Inquisitive * Active

The otter embraces the chance to relax, learn, and play.  Do not misunderstand, the otter is in no way lazy.  He is goal-oriented but values balance.   Sometimes the otter is cautious. He is not alarmed when problems arise because he is prepared for any danger by always being aware of small details overlooked by others. Otter goes easily with the tide as it ebbs and flows, never demanding that nature changes course.  As a life-long-learner and with an action-oriented personality, the otter grows quickly into a wise totem.  The otter often channels his energy into artistic endeavors.  The inquisitive nature of this totem gives the otter insight into the complexities of life.  

Wear Otter Totem 

  • Otter reminds us to be present in the moment and appreciate the simple joys of life

  • Wear Otter when you need to find a balance of work and play 

  • Otter keeps you on a healthful active path in life and can promote wise choices 

  • Otter can teach you to plan for obstacles so that when the arise you are prepared and diligent