It is believed that Eagle descended from an ancient bird called a kite, who inhabited our planet 36 million years ago. Across many cultures, Eagle is a messenger of the Spirit World.  For ancient Greeks, Eagle’s flight signified a message from God. Throughout history, Native Americans believed Eagle sent messages from their ancestors and communicate with Creator.   Today, Greeks see Eagle as a symbol reminding us to honor and respect one another regardless of our differences.  

Eagle is a visionary, always expanding his horizons and thinking bigger.  It’s no surprise then that a pair of bald eagles hold the record for largest nest: measuring 9 feet across, 20 feet deep, and weighing over 2 tons.  When opportunities appear, Eagle will swoop in for the kill.  With a wingspan of 7 feet, Eagle has incredible control over his wings, allowing him to soar and hunt with minimal effort.  Eagle’s wisdom can push you to reach your highest potential and break free with courage

Enduring * Powerful * Courageous * Focused

Eagle is an old soul, requiring old-growth and mature trees to perch and make nests which he takes pride in creating.  When food sources are plentiful, Bald Eagles can assemble in groups of hundreds.  They hunt every day, in groups or alone along streams or a large body of water. When he finds a partner, the two remain together for life, although Eagles enjoy a primarily solitary existence.  

When it comes to trusting Mother Nature, Eagle is a natural.  During storms or high winds, Eagle conserves his energy without worries or stress.  His resilient nature keeps him strong in the harshest environments.  Look to Eagle if you are feeling stretched thin or weighed down with the demands of everyday life.  Conserve your strength mentally, physically, and emotionally so that when the time is right, you have the vigor to soar to new heights.  

When Bald Eagle is pestered by a smaller bird, he will not waste time or pay mind to irritating pecks.  He will just soar higher, up to 10,000 feet!  At this height, only Eagle can breathe freely.  Other birds lack the stamina, drive, and power to fly at such altitudes and they fall away gasping for breath.  When you are faced with criticism and are tempted to fight, align yourself with Eagle’s patient spirit and conserve your time and energy for more important tasks. Soar above your problems with ease and change your perspective.  Your laser eyesight - up to eight times sharper than humans - can see situations more clearly from a bird’s eye view.

Brave * Persistent * Noble * Hopeful

The bald eagle was adopted as the United States National Emblem in 1782 when he appeared on the Great Seal of the United States. The majestic bird became a symbol of strength, longevity, and freedom for the country which was a home to more than 100,000 flourishing eagles.  Unfortunately, the careless actions of humans nearly eradicated Bald Eagle from this planet.  Through heavy use of DDT pesticides, loss of habitat, and illegal hunting, Eagle’s population dwindled to around 400 breeding pairs.  For 40 years he was placed on the Endangered Species List.  Victory came in 2007 with his removal from that list and today Eagle’s population has soared to over 300,000 birds with protection orders in place.  Bald Eagle is a top predator, playing a crucial role in the ecosystem. Bald Eagle’s falling population and subsequent recovery have largely impacted other organisms and habitat. Wear Eagle as a reminder that conservation efforts can be powerful.  


Genuine * Free * Majestic * Strong * Resilient

While many are in awe of Eagle’s majestic flight, what goes up must come down.  Many others may place Eagle high on the totem pole, but he remains grounded, always returning to his roots and holding a deep connection to Earth.  He leads by example, never putting up a front and remaining genuine in spirit and actions.  Eagle’s strong, sharp beak symbolizes the power of voice.  Eagle chooses his words wisely, but when he speaks his unique cry beckons all to listen closer.  Eagle can encourage mindful speaking.

Wear Eagle Totem

  • Turn to Eagle when you need to speak mindfully 

  • Wear Eagle as a reminder that conservation efforts can be powerful.  

  • The Eagle totem can bring us down to earth.  His humble nature can keep you grounded.

  • Endurance and trust in nature are the way of Eagle.  Turn to him when you need to find peace.