Falco Peregrinus”, the Latin name for Peregrines Falcon, means “wanderer” or “foreigner” - a name given to him for his migratory habits. He must migrate up to 15,000 miles to hunt and raise his young.  While not all species of falcons migrate, they are famous for fortitude and sturdiness. Falcon is proud, noble, and shows tremendous strength.

Courageous * Migratory * Somber * Precise * Agile

Falcon’s admirable ability to spot, catch, and kill his prey with lightning speed and precision inspired humans to befriend him.  Falconry, which is the practice of man’s collaboration with Falcon for hunting, dates back 3,500 years in ancient Mongolia.  Falcons live on all continents of the world except for Antarctica, and the practice of Falconry can be seen throughout.  Although considered a male-dominated activity, Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I were among some notable women who enjoyed this sport.  Today, tens of thousands of people collaborate with Falcon across the globe where he is admired for his high level of intelligence.

In his first years, a fledgling can be seen sporting long feathers and broad wings, which make flight easier and gives him confidence for a successful hunt.  As he matures, Falcon’s wings taper and become thin which allows him enhanced maneuvering ability in the air.  The swift and powerful flight of the peregrine falcon can reach speeds over 200 miles per hour during a dive!  This makes him the fastest creature on Earth

There are 8 types of falcons in North America, 40 worldwide.  Unlike most birds of prey who rely on sharp talons, Falcon uses his beak as a tool, which is equipped with a sharp tooth at the end that delivers a deadly force. With Falcon’s talents, swiftness, and ability to awe and inspire, he can also develop a superiority complex.  Not everyone can move with such precision and accuracy, so Falcon must humble himself and stop pecking at others who were not blessed with speed and grace.  

While falcons often choose a partner for life, they spend most time in solitude.  They typically lay 4 or 5 eggs, which take a month to hatch.  Parents will stay with their young for a little over a month.  Falcon’s independent spirit does not mean he cannot find the right partner.  With patience, he will find his place with peace and a sense of freedom.  

Prideful * Noble * Imaginative * Peaceful * Insightful

Falcon can help you strategize and use your strengths to your advantage.  He can calculate distances and spot opponents with precision, always planning and shifting course when necessary.  Sometimes, it is hard to discover one’s purpose in life or determine a course.  While Falcon is agile in the air, he is also agile in thought.  He can solve challenges with ease.  If you are facing an obstacle, look to Falcon’s visionary spirit.  Do you need to rethink a situation?  Maneuver around an obstacle?  Or use your beak and dive in for a kill? 

Strategic * Speedy * Wandering 

Falcon is a bird of vision.  He can see two and a half times clearer than humans, and his eyes have adapted to include a second transparent eyelid to allow him to see with his eyes protected from the environment.  Falcons also have a ridge over their eyes to act as a visor, shading his eyes from the harsh sun and allowing him to focus ahead.  Falcon can help you keep your eyes on the goal and visualize your best life.

Wear Falcon Totem

  • Falcon can serve as a reminder to keep your eyes on the prize.  Wear him when you need to strap on your blinders and stay focused on a task.

  • Falcon's migratory nature can encourage us to let go of worldly possessions.  All you need is within your spirit. 

  • If Falcon appears, he may be encouraging you to meditate on strategies for your long-term goals.  His visionary spirit and adaptable nature can help you prepare for whatever comes next